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Wax removal and ear care

Look After Your Ears With Regular Check-Ups

Wax removal from ears
Have regular ear checks

Wax in the ear canal is normal, but a build-up of wax can lead to pain, discomfort and tinnitus.

For hearing aid wearers excessive wax can cause a loss in performance of the aid, together with a risk of whistling and malfunction of the device.

You can prevent a minor problem turning into a major one by having a regular ear check-up in the same way that you have a dental check-up.

A 30-minute ear care appointment will involve the taking of a case history, examination of the ears and removal of excessive wax by special instruments or by water irrigation.

It is a simple, safe and painless procedure and you do not normally need to do any special preparation before the treatment, such as using oil in the ears.

You will be given advice on ways to manage your wax problem and you will be offered the opportunity to have your ears checked regularly to prevent future wax build-up.

Procedures are carried out by a suitably qualified audiologist with a Diploma in Clinical Ear Care, in accordance with procedures recommended by the British Society Of Hearing Aid Audiologists.

The charge for a half-hour session is £40.

If you have any concerns about your hearing you can have a hearing check at the same time as your wax removal at no extra charge.

Our webshop Hearbase Direct stocks products to help with ear care and wax problems:

  • Audispray - sea water based ear cleaning solution for everyday hygiene. Can reduce the need for syringing
  • Earol olive oil spray - softens and naturally removes ear wax. Delivers the oil to the ear with a simple, no-mess, pump action


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